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Race recap of UNBOUND Gravel 2023.

This year we've teamed up with Unbound Gravel as their premiere bag sponsor! 

Unbound Gravel is an event comprising gravel racing covering various distances held annually during the late spring in the Flint Hills region of the Great Plains around Emporia, Kansas, United States. It's a race that was once only a 200 mile option, but now includes 5 distances from 25 to 350 miles. 

By creating the best products possible, ALMSTHRE is there to support you before, during, and beyond race day by giving you additional space to pack all the essentials that you will need to keep you moving forward from 25 to 350 miles, and beyond.

UNBOUND Gravel isn’t just a race. They have also become a huge piece of the Emporia community and culture. They've impacted the local community throughout the years, and see a charitable piece from each year’s event affecting the lives of many folks in Emporia. As Unbound has grown from a start line of 34 back in 2006 to nearly 4,000 riders from all 50 states and 38 countries, they still pride themselves on the “grassroots” feel and work hard to impact those coming to Emporia for the Unbound weekend. Riders, fans, families, volunteers all come together for an amazing celebration of community and cycling. 

We've teamed up with the kind folks at Unbound to create a limited edition collaborative Signature Bar Bag, to commemorate the monumental challenge of completing the 2023 Unbound! So strap on your ALMSTHRE bag, and let's go!


200+ miles - Frame Bag

The ALMSTHRE frame bag is the Swiss Army Knife bag. Our signature garage compartment was designed to store tools and spares, while keeping the front compartments free for food, gear, cameras, and whatever else accompanies you while you are out there getting lost… At 2.2 liters, this bag will get you through every mile that Kansas throws at you.

50-100 miles - The Signature Bar Bag

Meet the best bag ever to grace a handlebar! It's the perfect sized do-it-all bag for an epic day exploring the unknown. With our signature hard shell design, our bag will retain its shape regardless of what's inside. Bag features quick access side zipper and mesh pockets, water resistant materials, and internal mesh organizer pocket. The perfect companion bag to take you the distance.

Any distance - The OG Saddle Bag

No matter the distance, make sure you pack a saddle bag with the essentials. Premium ripstop fabric, reinforced wear points, and a waterproof zipper all with the perfect fit. The ALMSTHRE OG Saddle bag looks amazing, fits great, and matches our bar bags for the complete look. Pack it up with extra tubes, CO2, and tire levers as your ultimate Unbound insurance policy. 

Jenna Bullbrook
Jenna Bullbrook

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We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the ALMSTHRE lineup – our refreshed Frame Bag collection. Tailored for the elite cyclist, our classic Frame Bag has undergone a refresh, and is now available in two different sizes. But that's not all – joining the family is our brand-new creation, the Compact Frame Bag which launched earlier this year. Designed to meet the needs of the modern rider, these bags seamlessly blend functionality, adaptability, and a touch of style, ensuring an unparalleled experience on every journey.

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