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Introducing the ALMSTHRE Compact Frame Bag and Top Tube Bag

ALMSTHRE is proud to unveil its latest game-changers: the Compact Frame Bag and the Top Tube Bag. Over a year in the making, these products have undergone meticulous design iterations and rigorous testing to join our lineup of on-bike storage solutions.
These products will be available for early release in limited quantities on December 16th, 2023. 
ALMSTHRE Top Tube Cycling Bag, bolt on top tube bag

Top Tube Bag: Gear Up for Any Ride

Bolt on top tube bag or use straps!

The Top Tube Bag by ALMSTHRE is a versatile and user-friendly on-bike storage solution designed to meet the needs of every cyclist. Whether your bike sports top tube bolts or not, this bag has you covered. Featuring two straps, two bolts, and a tether cord, ALMSTHRE leaves no mounting method unaccounted for. The one central zipper design makes it the easiest access on-bike storage system yet.

"The Top Tube Bag is all about convenience without compromise," says Steve Yeager, Founder at ALMSTHRE. "With its adaptable mounting options and a thoughtfully placed central zipper, accessing your essentials on the go has never been this seamless. It's the perfect companion for cyclists who demand quick and easy access to their gear without sacrificing security."

ALMSTHRE Compact Frame Cycling Bag

Compact Frame Bag: One Size Fits All Adventure

Introducing the Compact Frame Bag – the ultimate one-size-fits-all companion for your cycling adventures. This bag strikes the perfect balance, offering ample space for essentials while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate large bottles for those epic, all-day rides. The dual-sided zippers provide easy access to the center divider pocket, while the hi-visibility blue interior ensures you can quickly spot what you need.

"The Compact Frame Bag is a game-changer for riders who want versatile functionality," remarks Yeager. "Its unique design allows for easy access on both sides, and the hi-viz blue interior adds a touch of style while ensuring you can quickly locate your gear. With three adjustable straps, this bag stays securely in place even when the trail gets rough."

Both products from ALMSTHRE have been crafted with a blend of innovative design and durability. The development process involved comprehensive testing, ensuring that these bags exceed the expectations of cyclists seeking reliability, functionality, and style. ALMSTHRE continues to push the boundaries, delivering premium cycling accessories for riders who refuse to settle for the ordinary.

ALMSTHRE Premium Cycling Bags Compact Frame Bag Top Tube Bag, bolt on top tube bag

For more information, visit www.almsthre.com.

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Jenna Bullbrook

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The BWR Tripel Crown of Gravel

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2024 Belgian Waffle Ride California 

As the dust settles from a beautiful day touring some of North County San Diego finest roads and gravel, hopefully all that's left are fond memories. In addition to the great weather there was also outstanding performance in both the Woman and Men's races with Sofia Gomez Villafañe and Matt Beers having domante rides.