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Max - Priority Cycles

ALMSTHRE Bar Bag Review 

ALMSTHRE handlebar bag review

Key Points 

- Convenience 
- Size 
- Durability


Mounting that allows the handlebar bag to be used across many different bikes and setups.

ALMSTHRE cycling handlebar bag review


Large enough to contain all the snacks that would be desired for your ride but small enough to not cause any mounting issues.  
"This bag strikes the perfect middle ground for me."


With a stiff outer shell the bag will maintain shape under weight. Welded zippers keep the contents of your handlebar bag dry, even if you get caught out in the rain. Quality material that will withstand your need for big miles! 

ALMSTHRE cycling bags  

Cyclist Owned

ALMSTHRE is a cyclist owned company out of San Diego, California. We are glad that Max hit on this point in his review. Being a small company we are so appreciative of people taking the time to create such amazing content featuring our products. We are also grateful for the opportunity to connect with or local cycling community and with the cycling community at large through social media as well as the events we will attend and sponsor throughout the year. We like feedback as we continue trying to make the best cycling bags you can put on your bike!   

ALMSTHRE cycling bags

Thank you to Max at Priority Bicycles 

Check him out on Insta: @maxmichaeljacob


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Rob wessels
Rob wessels

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Impossible Route Dark Divide
Impossible Route: Dark Divide

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Impossible Route Dark Divide

Here on the latest installment of of the Impossible Route Tyler and Jeremiah add a new "friend in misery" with Andrew Jackson joining the fun. Andrew who is an elite level, Moto and BMX athlete, is no stranger to 2 wheeled activities but maybe slightly less to hiking through the Cascades with a bike on his back. Check out the video below to see what we are talking about.  

ALMSTHRE cycling saddle bags
ALMSTHRE saddle bags

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ALMSTHRE cycling saddle bags 

Designed with durability, capacity and ease of use in mind.

Saddle bag key features:

Premium ripstop fabric
Reinforced wear points
Waterproof zipper 

What fits in our saddle bags?

Specialized Tarmac SL7 SRAM Red eTap AXS
Specialized Tarmac SL7 SRAM Red eTap AXS

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2023 Specialized Tarmac SL7



The Specialized Tarmac is for those who quite simply want one of the best road bikes available. An aero road bike built for speed yet comfortable enough to spend all day in the saddle, all in an extremely light package.    
We use the bike, in this instance more like a fine wine being paired with a insatiable cheese. Something like a semi soft Gruyère or Comté and a nice Pinot Noir. The Tarmac and (bias opinion) best cycling saddle bag are a winning combination.