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"MOG is more than just a word; it's a verb, a noun, an acronym, and above all, a state of mind for those who constantly challenge the limits of distance and embark on thrilling explorations. There is no road too long, no course too demanding for those who are willing to embrace the MOG spirit”.
ALMSTHRE + MOG fully embraces this sentiment. We aim not to redefine the essence of riding, but rather to experience the joy of two wheels in our own unique way. ALMSTHRE was born in Southern California, where our trails lie and this is what we ride.
Enve MOG gravel bike with ALMSTHRE cycling bags


The ENVE MOG bike features a Cali Gold ALMSTHRE cycling saddle bag mounted on the seat post. The sleek gold-colored saddle bag is firmly attached under the seat, enabling cyclists to carry essential items effortlessly during their rides.


New bike Enve MOG at Cadence Cyclery Encinitas


ALMSTHRE cycling saddle bag attached to the ENVE MOG bike's seat post. The Cali Gold saddle bag is securely fastened beneath the seat, providing convenient storage for cycling essentials.





Rob wessels
Rob wessels

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ALMSTHRE video series freaturing the Nordic Trail Blazer, world traveler and gravel cyclist
WHO iS: Nordic Trail Blazer

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"WHO iS" is a Video series from ALMSTHRE

where we take a look at the people who ride bikes in our ethos. Jonas other wise known as "the Nordic Trail Blazer" is a world traveler who competes in a wide variety of gravel racing spanning the globe. In addition to on his free time tackling projects like "Arctic Everesting" and as the name would suggest, that's "Eversting" in the arctic conditions in Norway.

Unbound Gravel 2023
UNBOUND Gravel 2023

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Unbound Gravel is quite the event and really has to be seen to be understood. Something that I personally appreciated was the overall good vibes that permeated the streets. With thousands of people flocking to Emporia, Kansas, with a population of 24,000 that swells to some 34,000 or more.
UNBOUND Gravel 2023
ALMSTHRE is the Official Bag Sponsor of Unbound!

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This year we've teamed up with Unbound Gravel as their premiere bag sponsor!


By creating the best products possible, ALMSTHRE is there to support you before, during, and beyond race day by giving you additional space to pack all the essentials that you will need to keep you moving forward from 25 to 350 miles, and beyond.