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First look at the new Specialized Epic 8 and Epic Evo 8

new specialized epic and and epic evo 8

"Unveiling the All-New Epic 8: Setting New Standards in Performance"

The latest Epic 8, a groundbreaking XC race bike that redefines speed and performance. With enhanced capabilities, superior efficiency, and reduced weight, the Epic 8 sets a new benchmark in the world of mountain biking.

testing the new specialized epic 8

Enhanced Capability

The Epic 8 was engineered to excel in the most demanding terrains. As tracks become more technical, the Epic 8's exceptional performance becomes the differentiator between victory and mishap.

Progressive Geometry

The Epic 8 boasts progressive geometry designed for modern XC riding, delivering unparalleled stability in technical descents and efficient climbing. With optimized cockpit positioning and precise frame measurements, riders enjoy superior traction and control.

Specialized Ride Dynamics Tuned Dampers

Custom-tuned shocks and forks on the Epic 8 ensure an elevated riding experience. Developed in conjunction with chassis dynamics, these dampers provide optimal suspension performance, enhancing both comfort and control.

Dynamic Trio Settings

Tailor your ride with the Epic 8's Dynamic Trio settings. Whether conquering long descents, navigating technical trails, or sprinting to victory, choose the perfect configuration for your ride style and terrain.

Unprecedented Efficiency

The Epic 8 achieves unrivaled pedaling efficiency while maintaining traction and absorbing bumps. Specialized Ride Dynamics' meticulous optimization of suspension kinematics ensures minimal pedal-induced bobbing, keeping riders in the most efficient pedaling position.

Weight Optimization

Every gram counts in the pursuit of performance excellence. Through meticulous engineering and innovative design, the Epic 8 sheds unnecessary weight without compromising strength or functionality, offering a nimble yet robust riding experience.

Advanced Features, Minimal Weight

Enjoy a host of advanced features on the Epic 8 without adding extra weight. From the innovative SWAT 4.0 system to integrated steering stops, experience maximum capability with minimal bulk.



Epic 8 EVO

Pushing Boundaries in Downcountry Riding: For riders seeking downhill thrills on epic trails, the Epic 8 EVO delivers unmatched performance. With slacker geometry and specialized components, it's engineered to dominate singletrack adventures.

Epic World Cup: The Ultimate XC Speed Machine: Designed for smooth XC trails, the Epic World Cup combines cutting-edge components with race-proven performance, setting new standards in speed and agility.

Experience the Future of Mountain Biking with the All-New Epic 8

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Rob wessels

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