OG Signature Bar Bag

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Meet the best handlebar bag ever to grace a handlebar! It's the perfect sized do-it-all bag for an epic day exploring the unknown or a quick trip to the cafe. With our signature hard shell design, our bag will retain its shape regardless of what's inside. Bag features quick access side zipper and mesh pockets, water resistant materials, and internal mesh organizer pocket.


  • 4.5'' diameter x 7.5'' long (2 Liters)
  • Waterproof Zippers
  • Adjustable bar straps & stem tether cord for a secure fit
  • Multiple strap mounting options to fit your handlebars
  • Premium Nylon Ripstop Material (Water Resistant)
  • Enlarged side zipper pocket perfect for your credit card and small items
  • Hard shell construction for easy one handed access and no flop
  • Internal mesh pocket for organization
    Midnight Black
    Imaginary Collective

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Ron S.
    OG Signature black bag

    This OG Signature black bag is ideal for an ICE Adventure tadpole recumbent trike. Recumbent trikes have very limited space for a bag. The ICE Adventure from cross T bar, that told a wheel on each side of the T support frame, has 8 inches of space between the T bar and wheel structure, on either side of the T. This 7.5 inch bag fits perfectly. Best attach it to T bar with main zipper facing away from cyclists, which will not interfere with steering. it is also best to remove the main bag shaping stiffener, which then allows easy access to zipper opening and much easier and room for placing and retrieving items placed in the bag, and does not effect shape of the bag, since there is a stiffer on each end of the bag, that helps maintain its cylindrical shape. The bag is designed so this is easily accomplished, lifting velcro inside over flap and just pull the nylon like stiffener out of the bag. It can always be reinstalled. The 4.5 diameter of cylindrical shape still sits high from the ground. My trike has ther smal ICE wired wheel sensor on left whelel and and the ICE computer mount that fits under the water bottle riser cage, so wire from sensor wrapped around T bar to the Cat Eye heavy duty wired computer. The OG bag velcro fit over the wiring for this second OG bag. Recommend black, since bag will look cleaner from rain splashes in this low mounted position. With these two bags, on the ICE Adventure recumbent trike, volume of space
    available for items equals space of a two wheel bike's handlebar bag space and does not effect steering, mounted so bag front faces forward on T bar bag velcro attachment, away from cyclists. The OG bag is likely ideal for other brands of tadpole trikes. Does not effect getting on or off the trike.

    Clinton S.
    Great Customer Service

    I reached out to customer service to see if they had a specific color in stock and, unfortunately, they were all gone. Luckily, one was returned and the Customer Service Team reached out to me to let me know there was ONE left! So glad I was able to get the last one! THANK YOU!


    Excellent bag in size and quality. Perfect replacement for jersey pockets when you just want to ride without the whole jersey experience. Very pleased.

    Tim C.
    Great bar bag

    Good experience through the order process and the bag is fanastic

    Joel H.
    Signature bag.

    Nice med/small bar bag, holds its shape. Appears to be very well made. Holds the essentials like phone, keys, snack, and gloves.