February 01, 2023 1 min read

cycling saddle bags made by ALMSTHRE

ALMSTHRE cycling saddle bags 

Designed with durability, capacity and ease of use in mind.

Saddle bag key features:

Premium ripstop fabric
Reinforced wear points
Waterproof zipper 

What fits in our saddle bags?

Road and gravel use.

For road and gravel uses it can easily fit a tube, 2 Co2 cartridges, tire inflator and tire lever, with room to spare for a multi tool or tire bacon. 

ALMSTHRE gravel bike saddle bag

Mountain bike use.

For mountain bike use our saddle bags will hold a heavy duty 29" tube, 1 Co2, tire inflator and lever.

ALMSTHRE mountain bike saddle bag


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ALMSTHRE cycling saddle bags  

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To view a video with more ideas of what to pack in your bikes saddle bag. 


what to pack in your bike saddle bag



Rob wessels
Rob wessels

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