October 30, 2023 2 min read

Update: The Everest Roam documentary is now live on the Dialed Health YouTube channel. Check it out here:

Ever wonder what it would be like to climb Mt. Everest on your bike? What about doing it twice? These are both things our friend and strength training aficionado Derek Teel has wondered and actually accomplished. Once a year, he dreams up a crazy challenge that will test his mental and physical strength, his bike skills, and his emotional resolve.

Dialed Health Everest Bike Riding Challenge with ALMSTHRE bike bags group riding bikes on road outside in trees

Embracing the Challenge: Derek's Everest Roam Adventure

After completing an Everest by performing repeats on the same hill, and then last year completing a DOUBLE EVEREST (seriously!) once again performing repeats on the same hill, Derek came up with the (type 2) fun idea of completing an Everest within a single route where no hill repeats would be completed. With more of an ode to adventure, Everest Roam was born!

Dialed Health Everest Bike Riding Challenge with ALMSTHRE bike bags group of cyclists riding on a road outside near trees

Derek spent months dialing in his fitness and nutrition, and mental fortitude. As 2023 ticked on by, he set a date of September 22nd, and the planning began.

Dialed Health Everest Bike Riding Challenge with ALMSTHRE bike bags man on bike

Fueling Adventure and Innovation: The ALMSTHRE Spirit

At ALMSTHRE, we dream of adventure and the unknown. We constantly strive to find our limits and push a little bit further. As soon as we met Derek, we knew he had the ALMSTHRE spirit. He told us about his planned adventure, and we immediately knew we needed to do everything we could to make his day a little bit easier and more comfortable. We got him an assortment of our best products, including some new items that haven't been released to the public yet. We figured this was the perfect moment to get some final feedback on some new products.

Dialed Health Everest Bike Riding Challenge with ALMSTHRE bike bags bike in use during a big adventure ride

So what kind of ALMSTHRE bags do you need to ride 326 miles with 29,580 feet of elevation over the course of 2 states in 24 hours? We are so glad you asked.

Dialed Health Everest Bike Riding Challenge with ALMSTHRE bike bags

Discover Our Innovative Gear: Derek's Adventure-Ready Essentials

Derek's Specialized Tarmac SL7 fit our brand new medium-sized Frame Bag with inches to spare. Stay tuned for this and other new products launching early 2024! Derek also used the Signature Bar Bag to hold extra snacks and valuable layers, as the temperature ranged from above 80ºF to below 40ºF. And of course, never leave home without your OG Saddle Bag, packed up with a flat kit to keep you rolling.
Watch his Bike Check overview below!

Derek is a strength and conditioning coach who specializes in all things bike! Check out his coaching platform, Dialed Health if you're interested in a strength program made specifically to build you up to take on your toughest cycling challenges. Let Derek's ability to take on these insane challenges be a testament to how well his programs work. Get a one week free trial on his website by clicking here!
Get the full inside scoop on Derek's Everest Roam ride on the Dialed Health Podcast here: highlights include double-decker donuts, late-night trips to Denny's, nearly freezing to death on the mountain passes, many laughs, even a few tears, and some seriously inspiring storytelling. 
Dialed Health Everest Bike Riding Challenge with ALMSTHRE bike bags

Jenna Bullbrook
Jenna Bullbrook

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