January 05, 2023 1 min read

The 1929 Tour de France stage 10

Has been referred to as the hardest stage ever. With a 40% failure rate, this very stage was a turning point in the events history. The setting to such tortuous self inflicted scourging would be none other than Frances Haute Pyrenees. Which after 1929 lovingly earned the title “the place dreams go to die.”   

Why does this matter?

The Haute Pyrenees would also be the setting for the Impossible Routes Season 2 Episode 2 "Tour de Gravel". Not only paying homage to the 1929 Tour de France but also increasing the punishment on an equal scale to modern equipment.

 Whos taking on the challenge?

None other than ALMSTHRE ambassadors The Vegan Cyclist (Tyler) and Jeremiah Bishop. Check out the episode below to see what we are talking about! 

Photo Journal prepared by Jeremiah Bishop photos by Alex Roszko  

Impossible Route France

Impossible route france

Impossible route france, with Almsthre cycling bags

ALMSTHRE cycling bags, Impossible Route France

 Impossible Route, gravel riding through France

impossible Route France, photo journal The Vegan Cyclist and Jeremiah Bishop, Impossible Route France   

 Impossible rout essentials 

Impossible route cycling bike bags


impossible route cycling bike bags

Rob wessels
Rob wessels

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