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UNBOUND Gravel 2023

Unbound 2023 race highlights

For a behind the scene look at Unbound 2023 

check out Danni Shrosbree vlog of her experience racing the Unbound 200 
Unbound Gravel 200 start

Emporia Kansas for Unbound Gravel 2023Emporia Kansas  

Unbound Gravel is quite the event and really has to be seen to be understood. Something that I personally appreciated was the overall good vibes that permeated the streets. With thousands of people flocking to Emporia, Kansas, with a population of 24,000 that swells to some 34,000 or more.
Unbound Gravel 2023 race morning
Unbound Gravel 2023 mud
Muddy unbound gravel 2023
unbound 2023 mud
ALMSTHRE unbound gravel 2023
Canyon bicycles unbound 2023
muddy unbound gravel 2023

Unbound 2023 Mud

The weather leading up to the event was warm, humid with intermittent precipitation culminating in significant rain the day before the start of the 200 and 100 mile races. This precipitation created some incredibly sticky mud from race mile 12-16, making pedaling almost impossible. Tire choice was important and these conditions favored those who had a little more clearance.
Russell Finsterwald Unbound 2023
Nordic Trailblazer and Felt Bikes at Unbound 2023
Sofia Gomez Villafane Unbound Gravel 2023
Unbound Gravel race recap 2023
Jukebox Racing Unbound Gravel 2023
Carolin Schiff Unbound Gravel 2023
Griffin Easter Unbound 2023 Canyon Bikes
Alex Howes Unbound Gravel 2023
rad dude Unbound Gravel 2023

Unbound 2023 water crossing 

Those who made it past this point were treated to another 184 miles of pure Kansas gravel. Undulating terrain, water crossings and even a few dry dusty country roads; the Unbound Gravel course is one that if you survive, the sense of accomplishment will never be forgotten.
Unbound gravel 2023 creek crossing
Factor bikes Unbound Gravel 2023
Alexey Vermeulen Unbound Gravel 2023
Photos & Video by Rob Wessels 

Rob wessels
Rob wessels

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