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Exploring the Imaginary Collective: The Artistic Vision of TJ Eisenhart

In the vast realm of contemporary art, TJ Eisenhart undoubtably stands out for his ability to weave together imagination, creativity, and a profound sense of connection. 

Who is TJ Eisenhart?

Once cycling US National Team in addition to living in europe racing on BMC program in the World Tour. Now not so much seeking stage wins but connection with others and the freedom of being and individual and expressing himself through multiple mediums. 

Imaginary Collective

From my perspective Imaginary Collective is an art experiment not only exploring itself but the world around it with a strong connection to cycling. Born from a deep-rooted curiosity about the human condition and the interconnectedness of humans. TJ Eisenhart's Imaginary Collective stands as a testament to the power of art in cultivating connections and inspiring collective imagination.
"Our collective imagination has the potential to bridge the gaps and create a more empathetic and united society".

Imaginary Collective Handlebar bag

At ALMSTHRE we are thrilled to be collaborating on this maiden voyage with TJ and am excited for everything that is to come... 


Imaginary Collective Signature Bar Bag

We are excited to announce our limited release bag in partnership with Imaginary Collective and TJ Eisenhart! Now in stock in limited quantities!

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 Imaginary Collective Handlebar Bag




Rob wessels
Rob wessels

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New SRAM Axs Red
New SRAM Axs Red

mayo 15, 2024 2 lectura mínima

New SRAM Axs Red: Initial Review

Greetings from Cooper at Cadence Cyclery in Encinitas! Today, I'm thrilled to delve into the exciting features of the new SRAM Red AXS group set. Strap in, because this upgrade is packed with game-changing improvements.

The BWR Tripel Crown of Gravel
The BWR Tripel Crown of Gravel

mayo 08, 2024 2 lectura mínima

The BWR Tripel Crown of Gravel

With the conclusion of the San Diego BWR last weekend, that is officially a wrap on the 2024 Tripel Crown of Gravel. We are proud to be the official bag sponsor of the BWR for the third year in a row. This year we took our collaborative efforts to a new level by designing an entire collection of Signature BWR products.

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2024 Belgian Waffle Ride California 

As the dust settles from a beautiful day touring some of North County San Diego finest roads and gravel, hopefully all that's left are fond memories. In addition to the great weather there was also outstanding performance in both the Woman and Men's races with Sofia Gomez Villafañe and Matt Beers having domante rides.