March 31, 2024 2 min read


WHO iS: Philip Tinstman

Today we are talking bikes and BWR:
Rob: "Alright, who are we talking to?"
Philip Tinstman: "Philip Tinstman."
Rob: "You're no stranger to bikes. Where did it all start for you?"
Philip Tinstman: "I've been riding bikes my whole life. I started racing BMX, which led to a good segue into racing cross country mountain bikes. Then, I raced downhill mountain bikes for a living. I had a fun career doing that, even won a medal in the X Games. I also raced Motocross, road bikes, and gravel bikes - a little bit of everything on two wheels. Count Me In."
Rob:"Nice. Now, how long have you been doing this gravel stuff?"
Philip Tinstman: "The gravel is really fun, you know. It's like I've been racing cross and things like that since the early '90s, and it's just so similar. For me, when gravel started really picking up, I started probably around 2012 or 2013, getting into the groove of it. So, about 10 years in gravel. Okay."
Rob: "And now you're involved with the little organization BWR as well, correct?"
Philip Tinstman: "Yes, yes. Belgium Waffle Ride - we love it. It's what I do, and we have a lot of fun with it. We play bikes a lot, but it's really fun creating the event that I personally would want to do. It's exciting because then we can throw in all the aspects of the course that I like, things that make it fun and interesting, and hopefully a little bit more unique than a lot of the other travel events out there."
Rob: "Nice. They got a little restructuring in the schedule for 2024 too, right?"
Philip Tinstman: "Yes, 2024, we moved. We're a bit front heavy, but we did that for numerous reasons. One is we created the Triple Crown of our first three events, all held in the southwest US, which has some of the best riding in the Continental US anyway. It's awesome. We start off with BWR Iona on March 2nd, Cedar City on April 6th, and then Southern California, San Marcos, San Diego County on April 28th - the OG. We are very much looking forward to all three of those events, and then North Carolina soon after."
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Rob wessels
Rob wessels

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