Ride Wallet

Our durable ripstop nylon fabric and waterproof zipper keeps your essentials safe from the elements, and is perfect to stash those important items on a ride. Tuck away your ID, credit cards, cash and ride-worry free, wherever you go. Our ride wallet offers 3 internal organizer pockets, and is big enough to fit most phones and passports as well.

Available in five colors, the wallet carries the ALMSTHRE logo on the front– reminding you to keep going– you're almost there!

7'' long x 4'' wide

Midnight Black (Backorder)
Cosmic Blue
California Gold
Sterling Silver
Rust Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Just what I need for extra phone protection

I found this to be the added layer of protection I needed for my smart phone. Instead of rattling around in a handlebar or saddle bag getting hit by keys, tools ,etc, my phone is now safe.

Waterproof case for my large Samsung cellphone.

So far the bag has stood up to the elements keeping my cellphone dry. I bought this in Silver to match the dark tone fabrics of my cycling kits.

Eric P.
Designed by non-riders

The quality seems solid enough... but the design is lacking. As a point of reference - I have an Iphone 15 pro with a minimal case. The wallet has a center divider... which just gets in the way... so I ended up cutting it out. The whol product is padded... but doesnt really need to be. My phone is in a case, in the wallet, in my jersey pocket (this should be safe enough). Its bulky. Probably big enough for an iphone max in an otter case... or an ipad (whatever you ride with). But this takes up the whole pocket : ( Either way, my phone swims in the case (its too big width, height and depth. Also it has a rubber logo patch - this sticks on my pocket as I try to get it in and out : ( So I'll probably cut that off too. Lastly the walllet is constructed with a "water proof zipper"... however the outter material is just a regular nylon type material... which soaks up sweat. Odd combo if you ask me. Its well made - I just dont like the design. As it is, I now have a $35 hiknig pouch that I cant return. Cheers!

James C.
Perfect cycling Wallet!!!!

I love it, I actually ordered another one so I can have one for road and MTB.

Stacey D.
Ride Wallet

The wallet was great; held all of my important items. It fit perfectly inside of my the jersey pocket; would definitely recommend!!!